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December 3rd, 2004


This website was originated started back in 2001 when i've first learned what a website really is, and how you can have your own little space on this whole net. It was then when i found my first host, a chain of nba fan sites that were providing free webmail and webhost, and it was called NYKnicksFans.com. I had a very fun time over there untill they closed business, and without a warning my website was deleted and the name (BigFan.NYKnicksFans.com) and all that data were lost.

After that, i moved to a national server (GO.ro) where Knicks.go.ro stood for about 3 months. I wasn't satisfied with their offer, and very soon i've found the FreeServers.com which was just what i needed. So i started to put the bases of what the site is right now, with NYKFan.8k.com (if you want to visit it, it's still live, just click here). It wasn't an easy job, but i had a lot of support from other different webmasters. The guy who was the most helpfull to me in that period was Derrick Whitaker, the owner of Philly76ers.4t.com (currently SixersOnline.net). He was also the first site that linked me.

Ok, after the site started to grow it seemed like more and more people were dropping by so i said to myself.. Wouldn't it be nice to have a domain name..? Of course that was a fantasy that i had never thought it would be possible.. Months had passed and in January 19th i registered my first domain name. It was a free domain, with a tk extension which was basically just a redirect to NYKFan.8k.com but it was just fine for me. The KnicksOnline.tk era had begun

Being captured by passion, i've started to add a lot of features to the site. Forum, polls, daily news, draft coverage a lot of team info, and i even had a friend who was sending weekly analyses. That's how the Jay Analysis (after that renamed into Fans' Spot) section first started. What was so special about it was the fact that fans had the opportunity of writing articles about the NY Knicks, they had the chance of expressing their oppinions and in the same time were giving me a helping hand.

After a very nice run on FreeServers.com i moved the site again, on a national server (As.Ro) again and started to re-write the whole site, this time in php. This was happening in early october 2003. Very soon after launching the version in php i received the first email from a ticket company who was willing to pay me just to post few links to them. What could be more better... to get payed for something you do with passion.. I said to myself this is the moment, so with the money i got from them, i've purchased a domain name (KNICKSONLINE.COM) and my first webhosting package. The site was hosted for a year at PokedYou.com thanks to my good friend Ronald Keller who helped me a lot with the new phpBB forum.

As i mentioned a couple of times, there were some people who helped me a lot with the site, and i could never forget what Alan Switzer the webmaster of NuggetsHoops.com did. Starting with some basic php & mysql tips and finishing with the login form based on the forum database. We also started a game called Fan Site Challenge and we hope to extend it and create a whole league. Or at least that's what i hope. What more can i say.. i hope you're all enjoying this website else my work is usless. I hope you'll visit us again, who knows, maybe next time you'll like it more.

Untill then, i'd love to hear from you. If you'd like to drop me a line, feel free to email me!


Site Admin, rady