Carmelo and Beyond in 3.3 seconds

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Well, it is official that the Knicks have Carmelo Anthony in Blue and Orange.  Like many Knicks’ fans I am sad to see Chandler, Felton, Gallo, and Timmy leave.  I think Chandler will benefit from the move and Gallo will be an elite shooter and a starting player for 10 years in this league.  Felton had tons of heart of the court.


With all that being said, let’s get back to the news at hand.  We now have Carmelo Anthony giving us two of the top dozen or so players in the league.  Contrary to what many people have said, Amare and Carmelo will be a great fit together.  Amare loves to work from the high post and Carmelo loves to work from the low post.  Carmelo can guard big wing players and help Amare on the boards.  It is obvious that the Knicks are very thin at center, as well as bench depth. 

Down the road we will make the playoffs and prevent match-up problems for any team in the East.  Chauncey Billups came over in the deal with all of his experience and supreme leadership.  Billups is moving toward the twilight of his career but can really turn it up in the playoffs.  The Knicks have created a buzz and an opponent that no team wants to face in the playoffs.  In a way in feels like the Knicks have traded places with the Nuggets of four seasons ago.  Mozgov, Gallo, Randolph all had height and Amare now stands (literally) as our tallest player.  The rebounding duo of Turiaf and Amare will have to carry a smallish gun and run team.  A foundation has been laid but a team has yet to be put together for the future of New York.

So, what does the future bring?  The Melo-drama is over but it is just the bringing.  Madison Square Garden will continue to sell out and prices will go up.  The crowd will get louder and the Knicks have two all stars.  So now the Knicks fan will rest….yeah, right.  Let the talks begin of Deron Williams or Chris Paul.  The Knicks trade not only traded away four starters, but it left opens the possibility of hope for more free agents and more changes. 

Hope is a deadly thing in New York.  Hope gave us years of falling short with Ewing.  Hope gave us Stephon Marbury.  Hope dumped two seasons for LeBron, only to scoop up Amare.  Now hope unites Knick fans and two top flight players only to hear that they can’t win a title with this roster. 

So let the talks of Tyson Chandler and DeAndre Jordan begin.  The Knicks will be a top team in the East for the next 5 years.  We can only “hope” that James Dolan will remember what a special job Donnie Walsh has done for this franchise and keep that “other” guy out of the building. Just picture it.  It’s the playoffs Eastern conference finals against the Celtics, Heat, Magic or Bulls and it’s a deciding game in New York City on the biggest stage.  There is no better place, and many free agents will agree to that dream.  Give me Melo, a tie ball game, and 3.3 seconds on the clock in the greatest arena in the world, that’s hope.  Thank you.

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