Knicks Online Report 11/02/10

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The Knicks have started this hopeful playoff season 1-2.  It is too early to tell what this currently means but our loses did come from some power house teams.  The good thing to take from these games is we never quit.  Our guys kept it at 100% for every minute.  Now, the question is if we keep loosing, how long will this keep up?  Right now, everything is new and fresh.  We have an overhauled roster with a brand new superstar player.  How long can D’antoni keep pushing these guys to believe in what we can accomplish?



Landry Fields – The second rounder is starting the two and doing fairly well.  This was definitely a surprise because I’m pretty sure none of us predicted this one when he got drafted.  Matter in fact I remember the “boos” that welcomed him.  This guy is replacing the hustle that David Lee brought to this team.   Also, he is very intelligent.  He knows what he can and cannot do and stays within those limits.  Let STAT take the team on his shoulders, while Fields continues to fill his supporting role. 


Danilo Gallinari – There is a ton of pressure on this guy.  This is supposed to be a breakout year, but it is looking like a sophomore slump.  We need him to excel if these Knicks are going to compete.  Whatever his reasons for playing so poorly, his wrist or mental, he needs to overcome it.  I give a lot of credit to D’antoni for not playing him a lot of minutes in the past two games.


Wilson Chandler – He has done surprising well as the sixth man; however, I am not sure how long this will hold up.  If Gallinari starts playing at his supposed potential we will see a reduction in Chandler’s production.  When Randolph returns that will also be a contributing factor.  The non-extension tells me that Walsh is keeping his eye on the Melo situation.


Anthony Randolph and Timofey Mozgov – Do not expect these guys to breakout this season.  No one should have even thought they would be a contributing force from day one.  Anyone who did was delusional.  Randolph is very raw in a system that requires a lot of skill.  Mozgov needs a lot of time to adjust to the NBA.  The minutes will stay low for both of these guys.


Carmelo Anthony – I do not see him joining the Knicks anytime soon.  Especially since Denver acknowledges that we have nothing to offer and I agree with them.  If Carmelo becomes a Knick it most likely will come closer to the deadline.


Three Pointers – The massive attempts will not stop because this is the system we run.  This is why it is so important for Gallinari to get back into the groove.  We still do not have the proper personnel to fully utilize this system like Phoenix did, but we are a heck of a lot closer then the past two years.


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