Knicks in 2008/09

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Donnie Walsh (Photo:
Donnie Walsh (Photo:

The New York Knicks have silently put themselves in position to compete in a couple of years. Donnie Walsh is building a team that will bless Madison Square Garden with more than 20 victories a season in a couple of years.



A couple of years is a long time to wait, but at $33 million over the cap, the Knicks did not have much choice. Knicks tickets for this next season will get to see D'Antoni teach his team to play basketball again. Whether or not fans blame Isiah Thomas for the current state of one of the most recognizable names in basketball no longer matters. Let the healing process begin.


With Marbury's salary strangling the team this season, youngsters like David Lee, Nate Robinson, and Wilson Chandler should get a chance to sign. The team cannot afford to bring in any high priced free agents and does not wants to cut salary in the next few years so they can make a run at Lebron James in a couple of years.

David Lee's athleticism should be exploited in this new system, Jamal Crawford will probably be happy to be given the green light to shoot (which may make him all the more willing to actually pass the ball, yeah ball movement), and Duhon should thrive in the Nash role where he passes much more than he shoots.

The Nets, who will become an official New York team soon enough, should be good enough by they time they get within city limits to encourage a healthy competition between Nets tickets and Knicks tickets. The Nets are ready to let Devon Harris grow into the role as lead point guard and Yi Jianian may actually get to develop into a real player free from the control from the mainland (that deal with the Bucks was simply ridiculous and probably hurt him as a player).

In fact in a couple years New York could be the sports, media, and finance capital of the world. The Giants have already won the Super Bowl and Giants tickets this season expect to see another post season run. The Yankees may have their problems, but remaining competitive has not bene one f them. The Mets have not been bad themselves, after fighting their way back into the NL east playoff race. In fact Mets tickets might be worth it for Yankees fans just to see postseason baseball.

Even hockey seems to be improving in the city. The Rangers made a decent run in the playoffs and they could be a good team for years to come.

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