Rebuilding plan

Do you release Stephon Marbury or make a trade with his expiring $20 million contract? I am not going to pretend to understand all the rules that would torpedo this possibility, but the question is an important one because it decides of the New York Knicks are rebuilding or not.


I would assume that Donnie Walsh and Mike D'Antoni are in favor of a complete rebuild, so the release makes most sense. For Knicks that complain that you can get a lot for $20 million, the problem s that then you have to pay those salaries that are bound to be multi-year deals. A clean break cuts $20 million from the payroll for next season and brings the club closer to the salary cap.

Rebuilding is not pleasant, but losing this bad while not rebuilding is even worse. Sure Knicks tickets to Madison Square Garden should, in a perfect world, be about playing for a title, but right now they need to play for an identity first. Things are not looking better for the second option in New York sports as the New Jersey Nets traded away Richard Jefferson, but after trading away Jason Kidd they new they were not planning to be favorites anymore, even in the east.

If New Yorkers want to see a competitor this winter at Madison Square Garden, get into hockey and get New York Rangers tickets, or hopefully the Yankees can turn it around in time to bring postseason action to Yankee Stadium.

Then again, it seems like the New York Giants have been forgotten in the mix. The team is coming off a Super Bowl victory and is not even favorites to win their own division this year. Giants tickets are going to be worth watching as the team will be playing with a chip on their shoulder could be fun.

For basketball fans, the Knicks are going to be interesting to watch. Marbury will not be playing, so will Duhon thrive as the distributor on a team with a coach who cares more about offense than defense? Probably, Duhon is not much of a scorer and Crawford will get a chance to unload threes at will, which he did last season when he was not supposed to.

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