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Starks Raving Mad: Things Knick fans never thought they would be Thankful for…
2012, November 24
|Posted by : admin

Thinking back to last year’s “Black Friday,” November 25th 2011, reports of the latest round of meetings between the players and owners were met with such indifference and scorn that the prospects of an actual season seemed as bleak as the Knicks chances to get past Boston in the playoffs a few months earlier. It’s easy to forget now but just a mere 24 hours later a crescendo of text alerts awoke basketball fans everywhere that Saturday morning. I still have mine saved on my iphone: “We got a deal! 2011-12 season is go!” The point of this is to remember how crazy it seemed to have an actual basketball season when both the owners and players seemed as divided as Republicans and Democrats.  Even stranger are some of the things Knick fans have become thankful for just one year later.

Starks Raving Mad: I was wrong about JR
2012, November 18
|Posted by : admin

Like a lot of Knick fans last Spring, when JR threatened to leave the team after fans sent a barrage of “spirited” tweets his way, I didn’t really care. It wasn’t just an indifference that was fueled by the embarrassment of being eliminated from the playoffs by a hated rival in the Heat.  While his horrible Game 5 performance where he shot an anemic 3-15 from the field didn’t help much, my frustrations with JR stemmed largely from an already established negative reputation and a half season trial that only proved every preconceived notion I had of him.

Starks Raving Mad: Likes / Dislikes
2012, November 11
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There is so much to like about the Knicks’ season so far. After a long offseason and miserable NY baseball season just seeing the Knicks take the floor is reason enough for celebration. As most Knick fans know, it wouldn’t be an authentic season with out it being a roller coaster ride so I’m documenting the ups and downs of the year in a reoccurring “Likes and Dislikes” column. Here is where we are at after 4 games.

Starks Raving Mad: 5 Things that matter this year (w/o mentioning Lin)
2012, October 31
|Posted by : admin

Starks raving mad

1. The chip on Felton’s shoulder

When Felton was traded back to the Knicks, he wasn’t exactly welcomed back by fans with open arms. How could he after the miserable minutes he’s logged on the court since he last put on a Knick jersey? When you-know-whosigned with the Rockets, Felton was an easy target to absorb fan rage. And let’s be honest, New Yorkers are more obsessed with weight than High School Girls are, so Felton’s portly physique made for an instant bullseye. You could only imagine how Felton must have felt to return back to the team played his best basketball with only to be completely disregarded.

It takes guts to play in NYC
2010, July 08
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LeBron James turns down New York and joins the Miami Heat

These are the words coach Mike D'Antoni said yesterday when the Knicks learned about LeBron James' decision to go in Florida and join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to form a deadly trio for the Miami Heat. The announcement came last night live at ESPN in an one hour show at 9pm EST.