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Nate’s Return – Trade Audition or Resurgence?
2010, January 02
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Nate Robinson scored 40+ in AtlantaNate Robinson returned to play 38 minutes after being fined $25,000 for public asking for a trade after his recent benching.  Robinson played over an ailing Jonathan Bender and Larry Hughes who has been dealing with a groin injury.  Robinson poured in 41 points, 11 in overtime, somewhat dominating the offensive end of the court against the 21-10 Atlanta Hawks on their home court.

Mike D'Antoni – Good Coach / Bad Coach
2009, December 19
|Posted by : admin

The Knicks recently had a four game winning streak using a limited 8 man rotation and playing smart defense.  Now the Knicks have slipped into their re-emerging constant; an energy depleted team, full of frustration and without focus, resulting in a two game losing streak. Both losses were winnable games that dissolved in front of all Knicks fan’s eyes as many games have in the past two seasons in an all too familiar fashion. Many Knicks fans are wondering where the “energy” Coach Mike D’Antoni had preached all about all preseason has gone.

No to AI
2009, November 20
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Allen Iverson // NY Daily News
AI to the Knicks?

This is not a good move.  If signed, Allen Iverson could very well be the best player on our team.  It may bring up our projected win totals.  Do we have anything to lose by signing him?

Robinson and Lee’s Contracts: Thinking like Walsh
2009, November 01
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Image source: flagrantfouls.comRobinson and Lee are two veterans from the nightmare era under the sandman of Isiah Thomas. Actually, that is an insult to the sandman. Sorry buddy, please do not give me nightmares tonight.

What direction should the Knicks go?
2008, March 10
|Posted by : admin

How should we turn this franchise around? After seeing another season lost. What should the Knicks focus be? Well your guess is as good as mine. The problem starts with our roster being clogged with a core of Marbury, Crawford, Curry and Randolph, all players that take up to much of our cap room, causing us to have no flexibility with trades and signings.