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Starks raving MaD: Orientation
2007, October 29
|Posted by : admin

It looks like the calendar is showing that the next Knick season is just a few days away. All the NBA previews are up and running, and not surprisingly, each Knick preview reads as if it was an excruciating one to write. I guess this is what the Knicks have become: just another spectacularly mediocre bottom feeder team to cover.

The end of a season
2006, April 20
|Posted by : admin

You couldn't have been more dissapointed after a season as you were after the 2005-2006 one. For the past 3 years history keeps repeating. I remember 3 years ago when the Knicks drafted 3 great rookies. Maciej Lampe, Mike Sweetney and Slavko Vranes. Everybody was so thrilled about the upcomming season, kept dreaming and imagining the Knicks doing a nice playoff run. Sadly, the only one getting some playtime was PF Mike Sweetney, and what everyone expected from Lampe didn't happen. Although the team finished below .500, they made it in the postseason, for the first time in 3 years. They were swept by the Nets..

Cause he`s from New York
2005, July 27
|Posted by : admin

Larry BrownOn September 14th 1940, a future hall of famer was born in Brooklyn, New York. Nearly 65 years later that man returns to his home city not to visit or live but rather to coach the New York Knickerbockers. That man, Larry Brown.
We all can talk about the negative side of a situation. His health, the nomad like movement, his supposed "diva" like attitude, his non exsistent "hatred" for Stephon Marbury but today (atleast for today) I'd like to acknowledge the numerous amount of positives, as a coach, that truly overshadow his small "bad"side.

Will the Zen Master spread his magic on the Knicks?
2005, May 13
|Posted by : admin

The Zen The Knicks organization has been having problems finding a fulfilling coach that may end up coaching next season, but there are a lot of prospects on the list. Phil Jackson's name has been thrown around the most in the past weeks because Isiah had a conference with him late April.
The AP says that they talked and hit it off, but Phil is leaning towards L.A. hoping to rejoin his team and his wonder boy, Kobe Bryant. There aren't many teams in his mind except for L.A. , Cleveland, and of course New York. He says he has narrowed it down to L.A. and New York because he feels that Cleveland has too much rebuilding necessary and there is no way they can speed up the process.

It’s Depressing to Watch a Last Place Team
2005, March 01
|Posted by : admin

Stephon MarburyAfter falling into another three game losing streak, the Knicks have dropped to last place in the Atlantic Division. Their record now stands at 29-40 and they’re 8.5 games back of first. Sadly, they’re only 5.5 games out of the eighth spot in the playoffs, but let’s be realistic. It’s almost depressing to turn on MSG and to listen to the Knicks gamenight theme music, it’s depressing to watch the Knicks go through the motions, knowing that once again, for another season, the games don’t matter.