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Allen Iverson // NY Daily News
Allen Iverson // NY Daily News

AI to the Knicks?

This is not a good move.  If signed, Allen Iverson could very well be the best player on our team.  It may bring up our projected win totals.  Do we have anything to lose by signing him?


I would like to ask, what do we have to gain by signing Mr. Iverson, besides a couple of wins?  Will he return next year and be an important piece in our revamped team next year?

Take a look at AI.  The man is 34 years old.  His body is breaking down.  He has been in and out of basketball due to injuries, free agency, and now being kicked off, yes kicked off, the Grizzlies of all teams.  He isn’t a spring chicken anymore.  Can he quickly condition his body for starter minutes?  Can he stay healthy? 

Allen Iverson’s career field goal percentage is 42.6%, 31.3% for threes, he has less than a 2 to 1 assist to turnover ratio, and his defense on the decline.  This is not a very efficient player.  We already have efficiency problems on the Knicks, this will just make things worse.  AI can definitely score, but scoring has not been our problem.  Scoring efficiently and playing defense has been plaguing our team.  AI does not improve these facets of our team.

Allen Iverson has not been known to have a top notch work ethic or attitude.  There are plenty of instances of AI skipping out on practice, complaining about practice, and coming to games late.  He also missed mandatory functions with the team and their sponsors.  Lately, he has shown he is not a team player by bad mouthing coaches that bring him off the bench.  He causes disruptions, the most recent event, his yelling about how bad his coaches have been on the Grizzlies’ team bus.  Now take these incidents and apply our New York Media to them.  Mild infractions turn into major violations and huge distractions become our next soap opera.  Did I forget to mention about the episode with his wife?

Allen, I understand you want to start, take the ball in your hands and win everything for your team.  You have to accept the fact that those opportunities are waning.  If you want to prove that you are still the AI from back in the day, then you need to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.  You are not owed anything.  You act like you have the right to be the man on any team.  Instead of proving to people are can still be that guy, you complain and run off like a little child when you do not get your way.

New York does not need this kind of player on our team.

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