Robinson and Lee’s Contracts: Thinking like Walsh

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Robinson and Lee are two veterans from the nightmare era under the sandman of Isiah Thomas. Actually, that is an insult to the sandman. Sorry buddy, please do not give me nightmares tonight.


These two have shown their loyalty and hearts more than most players would ever do for this Knicks’ franchise.

So why the one year deals?

The obvious answer of course is the 2010 plan!

But really, let us delve deeper than this. Let us become Donnie Walsh for the day and really understand the benefits of doing these deals. The guy is smart, he did get rid of Jerome James.

These contracts make David Lee and Nate Robinson more valuable as trade bait:

Both players are desirable by other teams. They have been part of trade scenarios and talks for over the past year ever since Walsh entered the picture. So, how do you make two good players worth even more to a team that would trade for them? Give them a contract that can expire with transferring bird rights. Teams can trade for these two players and re-sign them past their salary cap.

This is probably the best positive that comes out of these one-year deals. We need to dump Curry and Jefferies. We need draft picks. If any of those things happen this year, it will be very helpful.

We don’t waste money:

This goes beyond the 2010 plan. For too many years we have been burnt by giving out erroneous contracts for sub-par performances. David Lee and Nate Robinson are not super-stars. They are not even all-stars. Their growth in the NBA has been slow and steady. We need to throw our money at something certain.

We can get them at a reasonable cost next year:

Our economy has affected basketball. For the next few years most players will not be getting huge contracts. When Nate and David go out into the market next year, this reality will hit them full in the face. They will be getting a more reasonable contract, especially since there so many free agents out there that are much better than them.

If they return as Knicks, they return at a reasonable price.

We get to keep the two positive things that we have for another year:

It was very important we get these guys back this year. Whatever talks or supposed trades Walsh was working with, I think he knew in the end he was getting them both back. Kryptonate is our Slam Dunk King for two separate years. David Lee is our double-double beast. Knick fans still need something to talk about, and we can always talk about these two things.

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