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    Welcome all the new posters first of all, these are exciting times for Knicks fans so we're happy to have a louder message board. But there's one thing i'd like to ask you all: before opening a new thread, make sure there isn't already one that's on the same subject or fits the topic you want to start. It's very difficult having to browse through so many active threads all saying basically the same thing. It's unorganized, hard to follow and the message gets diluted. We've had dozens of Melo threads just the last month but once everybody decided to stick on one, everything went smooth from then on.

    For example: Do we really need 3 different threads on JJ?

    We do have a search function as well, so if you're not sure about a thing, i strongly suggest to use it. It really works! And will help keep the forum easier to read.

    In the meanwhile i've merged some of the talks that was going on multiple threads.

    Happy posting!
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