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Thread: Basketball Champions Offensive and Defensive ratings (last 15 years)

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    Originally Posted by Clyde & The Pearl
    Great Sttas Musk. I think I posted something similar but just gave the link. Add to your stats that if you go back 22 more years to the 1974 champion only one other team won a chip with a defense ranked outside the top 10. I forget the year but it was Houston, and they were ranked 11TH.

    Like you said we arent hating just to be hating. History tells us that doing it MDA's way (with offense) is very unlikely to happen....
    Wow, really? I thought about going back further, but just didn't want to take the time to do it. I don't understand how people can support a coach that has shown an obvious aversion to two of the most important stats in the nba: boarding and defense.
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