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Thread: How many Knicks jersey does everyone have?

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    patrick ewing away
    galo away
    fields home is on the way

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    i have authentic gallo jersey like the ones that they use to play in the game that cost a lot...
    i know nothing bout jerseys lol :/

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    Not sure why but I loved this thread, I have bunch and some very laughable so seeing ones like Duhon made me laugh hard. Some I bought because I thought they were awesome, some because I found really cheap and thought hilarious

    I have:
    Bernard King blue
    Walt Frazier blue
    Patrick Ewing blue
    John Starks blue
    Latrell Sprewell blue
    Allan Houston blue (cheap painted on # replica)
    Jamal Crawford white
    Stephon Marbury blue
    Stephon Marbury kind of USA colors but Knicks jersey, white with red letters or something
    Kurt Thomas blue
    Antonio McDyess white (whoops, bought 3 months before he was gone)
    Eddy Curry white (cheap painted on # replica, actually picked up on purpose, 10 bucks during time he was inactive I wanna say late last season, thought it'd get me some funny looks)

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