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Thread: How much wood could a Knick chuck chuck?

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    Default How much wood could a Knick chuck chuck?

    How much wood could a Knick chuck chuck if a knick chuck could chuck wood?

    (my rating system of how valuable the Knicks players/management have been this series)

    Carmelo- 100 pieces of wood
    Andy Rautins- 99 pieces of wood (keeping that bench warm for his bud
    Landry Fields who has needed it)
    Williams- 30 pieces of wood
    Bill Walker- 27 pieces of wood
    Dolan- 20 pieces of wood for going back to his office after game 1 to make phone calls to trade for CP3 this summer
    Anthony Carter- 15 pieces of wood
    Sheldon Williams- Chucks 15 pieces of wood just because he hasn't been given the opportunity he's deserved to play
    Jared Jefferies- A surprising 12 pieces of wood. He lost 13 pieces of wood on that turnover to Garnett)
    Toney Douglass- 10 pieces of wood
    Ronny Turiaf- 9 pieces of wood
    Derrick Brown- 5 pieces of wood for getting "activated" for one game
    Ducktales17- 4 pieces of wood For turning it to the Mets game halfway through the 3rd quarter and watching the Mets get the W.
    Stat- 3 pieces of wood. And no, none of those pieces came from rebounding/defense. (He had 2 pieces, but I gave him 1 more for banging Ciara on a weekly basis).
    Landry Fields- 1/2 a piece of wood because he was too weak to chuck a whole piece.
    Dan Dantoni- 1/4 of a piece of wood for looking so damn sexy
    Dantoni- -1 pieces of wood for crossing his legs one time when the cameras on ESPN showed a zoom in of him during the game. I was going to give you 0 Dantoni, but you just HAD to cross your damn legs like a chick.
    Pusha T- -5 pieces of wood for publicly bashing the Knicks on his twitter page. I responded to him with a "yo momma" diss. WIN for me.
    La La- -10 pieces of wood for acting like she gave 10 ****s for the Knicks losing when she clearly couldn't care less.

    In conclusion:
    Yes, Carmelo is LIGHT YEARS above anyone else in value. Oh sorry, not Andy Rautins
    Yes, Derrick Brown, andy rautins and myself are more valuable to this team than Stat/Landry.
    Yes, I am jealous of Stat for banging Ciara.
    Yes, Billups did not make my list because I seriously don't give a **** about him anymore.
    No, I did not listen to N'Sync's "God must have spent a little more time on you" on the radio today, that almost brought a tear to my eye............................................... ................................

    .......... ok fine I did.

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    I heard Beat It on the radio at halftime in the car because I had to go down to bring up groceries. It got me pumped for the second half. Unfortunately what happened after was not good.

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