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Thread: OLY Semifinal: USA vs Argentina

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    Originally Posted by Imiss#33
    what I hope is that this reignites an interest in going and playing in the Olympics...
    I agree. Hopefully after what has happened those superstars will recall what does the word "patriotism" mean. Huge respect for Iverson. He's a real patriot. The guy they've used to call names and blame for his behaviour turned out to be a real patriot with NOT SPOILED attitude unlike those superstars of today. If there are guys on our team that DO CARE about us then they're Stephon, Allen and Timmy boy. Others came to capture gold, not to represent the Country.
    Originally Posted by Imiss#33
    It also gives me hope as a Knick saw how all of those teams handled Duncan without having reallt talented "bigs" themselves...with our deapth in the frontcourt and perimeter could be a good year!
    You've got a point on that. Hopefully we'll learn from their example how to stop Timmy without having really tallented big guys on the squad cuz it seems to me we're gonna miss such guys next season...

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    saw the game.. very very dissapointing. one thing: i'm not so sure if the refs' fault we lost the game. it hurts me, but i have to admit, argentina was better then usa. ginobili proved himself once again, he was unstopable, and as for marbury he was far, far of what he showed in the spain game.
    i didn't recognized him, he dropped the ball from his hands at least 3 times, and he missed all his 3s. those 16 points didn't hepled at all.
    in other words.. i don't even think usa deserved to win this game, i just hope they'll show more pride if they'll get to play for bronze

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