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Thread: Official F*ck This Fagg0t Dolan Thread

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    unfortunately we have a admitted alcoholic and cocaine abuser as owner of MSG b/c Big daddy Charlie wants to keep jimmy as far away from cablevision as possible!!!!! thats where the big moneys is !!!....old charlie doesnt want jimmy F..... that up.... so he gives him MSG & Radio city music hall to play with (jimmys toys)......just wait!!! jimmy going to bring back his sociopathic friend isiah!!!! maybe not as GM....but just wait!!!!! isiah will be roaming the halls of MSG soon!!!! ......just when we were all proud to wear orange & blue again

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    Now we see if James L. Dolan, who is as obsessed with being right as he is with the media, can finally get something right on his own. Donnie Walsh was the right guy for the Knicks, but was presented to Dolan by David Stern, the NBA commissioner. Let's see how Dolan does with finding the right guy to replace Walsh.

    Let's see him get past his obsessions and his grudges and his all-around small-mindedness and find somebody who can start to figure out a way for the Knicks to ever get past the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference.

    Let's see Dolan hire somebody and not think he knows more than the guy about basketball because of things Isiah Thomas has just told him on the phone. Dolan doesn't have to get out of the way completely, no sports owner does. But if Dolan is going to hire somebody still thinking Thomas is the real brains of the operation, then the Knicks really are doomed.

    Maybe for once Dolan can get out of his own way, stop worrying about who he thinks is out to get him, and make an inspired choice on his own. Not one that makes him look good. Only a winning basketball team does that. Just the right guy for the Knicks. Let's see if he's got the chops for that after 10 years of on-the-job training.

    You already see how this goes now, from the underbosses inside the Garden who act as if they are running some kind of political machine you'd compare it to Tammany Hall, except those guys actually had a way of making things work instead of two famous New York sports franchises. The spin is already this:

    Donnie left Jimmy no choice. He wanted too much.

    Now nobody at the Garden will come right out and say that. Dolan, the head of the machine, rarely speaks to his fans out in the open. When he does the press conference introducing Carmelo Anthony is a famous example he sounds like a small-timer settling scores with the media, and setting the record straight. The record as he sees it, of course. Only Rep. Weiner is apparently more misunderstood.

    But these guys get their spin and their story out there, you bet, thinking they are smarter than everybody, getting it out through the few in this business who actually still buy into their version of things. And Isiah Thomas is always willing to pitch in. Understand something about our Zeke: Whatever he says in public, about Donnie or about not wanting to run the Knicks ever again, believe the opposite. You will never be disappointed.

    So you bet we start to hear that Donnie wanted too much control, too much say in the hiring of the next general manager. And now, because they need something good on Walsh, it is as if he hired the worst basketball coach in the world someone even worse than Isiah, apparently in Mike D'Antoni. So they now blame Walsh for D'Antoni the way they blame Walsh when LeBron chooses Miami over the Knicks.

    Read more: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    And we started to hear months ago, from the time when the Knicks didn't get LeBron, that Donnie was too old and too infirm (he had to use a walker!) and maybe even too white. Maybe that's why Dolan was sucker enough to believe he could send Isiah in out of the bullpen on that negotiation. This is all pretty funny, in a Monty Python kind of way, unless you are a Knicks fan, and one spending even more money than ever next season to watch them play at the remodeled Garden.

    Fixing the Knicks should be as easy.

    Maybe, in the world of James L. Dolan, it figures that Glen Sather really does have an official job for life, the way Isiah Thomas, our Zeke, has an unofficial job for life (he's like Spike, except he has to watch the game from Miami). Even though Sather's Rangers have never made it past the second round of the playoffs, even though they nearly got swept in the first round this year by a team that did get swept in the second round, the Rangers are the Yankees compared to the Knicks.

    Donnie Walsh goes now. He wasn't perfect running the Knicks, but he was so much better than his circumstances there is nothing to talk about. Even this year a friend of his said to him, "Somehow you gotta keep your dignity," and Donnie said to the guy, "It's hard."

    Never too hard for Donnie Walsh. He left with it on Friday, left for all the wrong reasons. If you believe this was all his fault, then you are the kind of sucker Dolan is for Isiah.

    Donnie goes now. Let's see Dolan do something right for a change. On his own. Like a big boy.

    Read more: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    I guess we can spin it and say maybe this will lead to an even better GM and COach combo. i guess.

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    Media Read away

    Then this...

    Thereís no hope with this dope

    Mike Vaccaro

    Think about where the Knicks stood somewhere around 9:30 p.m. on the evening of Sunday, April 17.
    That was exactly seven weeks ago today, exactly 49 days ago. They were leading the Celtics by a point, 85-84, and there were fewer than 15 seconds left in Game 1 of their opening-round series at TD Garden.
    Amaríe Stoudemire, the centerpiece of their off-season, had gone off. The much-maligned defense had done a fine job on the Celtics, made them look old and vulnerable. Yes, Chauncey Billups had gone limping off the court a few minutes before, but surely that was just a minor bump.

    WHAT THE ... ? Amaríe Stoudemire and Knicks fans have reason to hide their eyes after owner James Dolan (inset) allowed team architect Donnie Walsh to leave.

    Knicks fans had waited a decade for this. On the floor were two legit stars. On the scoreboard was a lead. One stop is what they needed. One stop. One.
    ďSports are funny sometimes, and basketball is funnier than most,Ē an NBA executive told me recently. ďAnd if Iím the Knicks, at that one moment in time, you think: Hey, we really have something going here. Too bad you canít push a button and freeze-frame life sometimes, right?Ē
    Right. Because what happens when you hit the ďplayĒ button instead is an epic chain reaction right out of the Book of Genesis. ...
    Ray Allenís 3 wins Game 1 for the Celtics ... which begets Stoudemireís freak back injury before Game 2 ... which begets Kevin Garnettís game-winner after a forever game from Carmelo Anthony ... which begets two woeful close-out games at home ... which begets the Heat thrashing the Celtics, offering an initial idea of how far away the Knicks really are from the elite in the East ... which begets the Heat amplifying that statement by clobbering the Bulls, who only won 62 games ... which begets the Heat looking, through two games in the Finals like they can turn it on and off whenever they want, which may not win them these Finals but sure makes them look unsolvable for years to come ... which begets ...
    Well, which brings us back to the old familiar reality that the Knicks are owned by James Dolan, and Dolan doesnít have the slightest idea what he is doing in that role, evidenced by the low-rent, low-class treatment of outgoing team president Donnie Walsh, who only helped make Dolanís team watchable again, bearable again, professional again.
    OK. If Allenís 3 had bounded off the rim, if the Knicks had won Game 1, there is no guarantee anything that followed would have gone differently. Itís as plausible as anything else to think the only change would have been the Celtics winning the series in five, rather than four.
    Itís easy to see flaws in retrospect. And Dolan being Dolan, itís not only plausible but probable he would have bungled the Walsh situation anyway, because bungling is what he does best. He is a bungling outlier.

    Read more: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    Originally Posted by mafra
    Dolan is the worst owner in the history of USA sports. Since he's taken over, the Knicks have become the worst of all losing organizations in the world. ZERO playoff victories... ZERO! Since 1999.... WOW.

    And this is the NBA where every team makes the playoffs. LOL.

    The dude dumped Camby b/c he wouldn't show up for a media training seminar. How stupid does it get?

    The Knicks will win nada as long as he's in charge. A shame... Sure... we'll be more fun to watch now... But Carmelo-Amar'e are doomed. Raise your hand if you think this owner will ever be smart enough to surround himself with smart men who will build a winner? D'antoni isn't the answer.

    Like what Dolan's father did... waited too long to get another star to put next to Ewing... By the time we start to build a team, with a legit coach and role players, Amar'e will blow out his knees.
    ...underscored by the amount of money spent over that time.

    Mismanagement at its finest.

    This is George Bush like.

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