Jason Richardson ended the 2010-11 season with the Orlando Magic, finishing off a six-year, $70 million contract.

“I don’t have a job,” Richardson said. “I’ve taken care of my money and it won’t be a problem for me financially. I would guess that it won’t be a problem for 85 to 90 percent of the players. But you’re seeing some players going overseas for a lot less money. They just want to play.”

Once the lockout ends, free agency begins and Richardson is one of the top shooting guards on the market. He split the 2010-11 season between the Magic and Phoenix Suns, averaging 15.6 points and 4.1 rebounds, making 189 3-pointers.

Money, however, may not be the deciding factor in Richardson’s next destination.

“I want to go to a great place for my family,” Richardson said. “I’ve been blessed by God to play in the NBA for a lot of money. I’d like to go someplace that has a chance to win a championship.”
So it seems he's ruling out Orlando as a place that has a chance to win a Championship. You'd imagine he'd be wanting to get significant minutes, which would never happen in a place like Miami (DWade), Boston (Allen), LA (Kobe), OKC (Harden).

Taking his words to heart you'd think the only places he's likely to fit in are Chicago and NY. However I bet Chicago would be all over him considering their huge weakness at the 2 since losing Ben Gordon.

It would be pretty much a dream if we could land J-Rich for the MLE and a couple of bigs for vet minimums.