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Thread: Marbury's cousin gets killed

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    Default Marbury's cousin gets killed

    One of Stephon's cousins was shot and killed at Coney Island over an argument.
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]: -- A cousin of New York Knicks superstar Stephon Marbury was one of two people shot and killed yesterday when an argument at a Coney Island birthday party turned violent, cops and relatives said.

    When the lead stopped flying, Yusef McEaddy, 32, and Allen Lewis, 20, lay dead behind one of the buildings of the Coney Island Houses, cops said.

    McEaddy's father and Marbury's dad are first cousins, cops and relatives said.

    McEaddy "was a loving father. He loved his son," said a man who identified himself as a relative.

    McEaddy, the relative said, worked at a hardware store, but was considering going to college.

    A cousin of McEaddy, Robert Maloney, said, "I'm shocked. I'm devastated. When is this violence going to end? This is crazy."

    Cops were questioning a "person of interest," and were hunting for at least one other man, police sources said.

    Police sources said McEaddy and Lewis got into an argument with a group of men at the party and were asked to leave.

    The two complied and walked across the street, but resumed arguing with two of the men, the sources said.

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    Thanks God! I thought it was Bessy... You caught my breath...

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    McEaddy is the third of her five children to die by gunfire, said his mother, Louise Brown of Stuyvesant Heights.

    that's so terrible, i can only imagine what his family is going through right now. condolences to his own

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