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Thread: Stop complaining about Melo now not playing

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    Default Stop complaining about Melo now not playing

    He had good 4th quarter & OT against Denver. Than he started adding more injuries and than reinjuries . If you think he faking his injuries nobody gets that taped up like mummi. thumbs wrist ankles, all that was left was kick his B@lls and a shotgun to the head to end his misery. Give the guy break. Now if Knickwant to position themselves for trading involing Melo they need him playin well to maximize the trade. as right now it would questionable from nets perspective to trade D-will str8 up for Melo, but if melo bounces back as top3 scorer in the league we ccould land morrow and their 1st as well.

    now the question is who go and who stays We all knowing melo and stat can't work together on court. Which would prefer?

    Knicks get Mo-will Scola Flynn
    Rockets get Stat Balkman
    Magic get Lee Thabeet Douglas

    Mo-Will Shumpert Melo Scola Chandler
    BD Field Walker Jeffries Wallace
    Flynn Jordan

    Knicks get D-will Moute nets 1st
    Nets get Melo Balkman
    Bucks get Morrow Douglas

    Barnes with top 5th or Kidd Gilchrist top 10th pick

    D-Will Shumpert Moute Stat Chandler
    BD Walker Fields Jeffries Wallace

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    Default Who think Walker should start over Fields

    my starting lineup for tonite 2nd half zone defense

    Douglas Shumpert Walker Jeffries Chandler

    stwitch to man
    Bibby Fields Stat

    won't happen but thats what it would take win tonite

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    Bill "the 3point Ranger" Walker

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