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Thread: Houston not available for the season opener

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    Default Houston not available for the season opener

    Knick coach Lenny Wilkens said last night it was "very doubtful" Allan Houston will play any of the remaining preseason games, his chances of being ready for the season opener in nine days dipping from slim to none.
    It was hardly a surprise but the first time Wilkens admitted time has run out on the rehabbing Houston.

    Houston didn't say officially he's out for the season opener yesterday. But by admitting he's more than a week away from scrimmaging, it's more likely he'll start the season on the injured list, ineligible for the first five games, than on the court in Minnesota Nov. 3.

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    nothing new.. same old same old, i wonder if houston will ever be ready

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    damn thats actauly a good thing since crawford can now starta nd i dont think houston wil start again if crawford shows his real skilz from the start

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