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    We know what our core is next season, but besides of our froncourt stars (IMO after being named DPOY Tyson is definately a star player) we have plenty guys without a contract.

    Harrellson: pick up his rookie option and develop him as our 2nd PF behind Stoudemire, he's got a nice jumper, he's been boxing out, fighting for boards and playing some solid D, definately worth that little money he'll get in his sophomore year.

    Fields: resign him using his Bird rights, he had a tough season this season, but still he's solid rebounder who can provide some extra scoring, good #2 off the bench.

    Jordan: pick up his rookie option, he's still a project, but even if he's not going to play much next year he could ba a trade asset.

    JR: let him go, his awful playoff performance showed he's not even worth the money we paid him this year. 31% off 15 shots/game? GTFO dumbass.

    Bibby: solid series, he didn't play much but he definately improved as the season proceeded, if he agrees to another vet-min contract we should keep him.

    Jeffries: solid overall defender, wants to stay with the Knicks and IMO he's worth another vet-min. Besides, great teammate, the new chemist.

    Douglas: trade him, even for a pick, completely useless...

    Novak: try to resign him for vet-min, if it doesn't work, let him go.

    Lin: resign using our MLE.

    Davis: he's pretty much done.

    BEA: try to sign a solid backup PG, for example Dragić.

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    I guess with JR walking, that will open a spot for us. Resigning Lin and Novak is looking good.

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