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Thread: Interview with Isiah Thomas

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    Default Interview with Isiah Thomas

    This week Steve Serby goes one-on-one with Knicks president Isiah Thomas.
    Q: What do you want New Yorkers to say about your Knicks team?

    A: A) We leave it on the floor every night, heart and soul; and B) we entertain you and give you a show.

    Q: What do you remember about the '69 Knicks?

    A: I would say that's probably the smartest basketball team ever. I remember the way they passed, the way they moved, the way they cut. When you look at what many of them went on to do as men outside of basketball, I think it backs me up in terms of them being the smartest team to ever play.

    Q: Can you use the Red Sox as an example to your team that anything is possible?

    A: I don't use anything positive from Boston (laugh). I had wars with the Celtics, and now that I'm in New York I am down with the New Yorkers.

    Q: Did you hate the Celtics?

    A: Yes I did. But I respected them, and I learned a lot from them.

    Q: What did you learn?

    A: How to win.

    Q: You hated the Lakers, too, right?

    A: Most definitely. I learned a lot from them, too (laugh).

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    good read

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    Rady this is a great read! Isiah's answers are entertaining and candid. He doesn't give you that boring cliche speak. How about the not liking Boston part? Classic!

    Q: How would you describe your style of dress?

    A: I would say traditional ... with a touch of pimp (laugh).
    ^My favorite quote^

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