I just worry about Amare because I feel like he'll never fit into the offense, and a guy who is accustomed to being a 25 point per game scorer, I don't know if he'll be able to provide positive energy to the team. Amare is a shade of his former self sadly.

Imagine an undefeated 30-0 boxer who took a devastating blow to the head in his 10th title defense. This shot sent him to the hospital with a severe concussion. The next fight, it's not the same fighter. Very timid and scared. Stat use to be great within himself, but now his greatness is distant.

I've watched Amare since his rookie season to now, why? I'm a Marbury and Barbosa fan, passionately admire those guys. Amare use to be a beast, and even defensively he wasn't good, but he brought energy to the game.

Amare' recent games have no presence, and I'm not sure if his presence is welcomed to the team.

We need toughness and a guy who can play hard and leave his ass on the court.

If Kobe Bryant was on this team, Amare would of been traded a while ago.
Kobe understands what it takes to win a championship, and it's definitely not guys like Amare.

Sorry folks, wish I can hop on the STAT bandwagon, but I've lost all hope in him.