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Thread: Jazz Tickets - advice

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    Default Jazz Tickets - advice

    Hi, I'm coming to New York for the weekend from London and looking to get a Knicks game in against the Jazz on Friday. I've been offered 2 tickets via Craigslist and the seller wants cash and to prove they are genuine will stay in the queue and scan me in at the entrance?

    Is this the norm when buying or does it sound a bit suspect to any of you?

    Much appreciated.


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    why not go onto '' and purchase them... u know they are legit... sure there are tickets available, and the closer we get to the game, usually the cheaper they get as the guy wants to sell em... but I think stubhub will only sell em up until one day prior to the game... ie tomm...
    good luck

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    I agree go to a legit source since you're a stranger in town. Why ruin your day by missing the game in case the guy doesn't show for some reason to sell you the tickets. The way the guy is trying to sell the tickets is odd but if he's willing to meet you at MSG and scan you in at the gate before he gets paid I don't see the risk in that.

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