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Thread: New Orleans PELICANS!?!?!

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    Default New Orleans PELICANS!?!?!

    Well, the New Orleans Hornets are officially going to become the
    New Orleans Pelicans... PELICANS? Replicants? Republicans? Pecans?
    Heli-Peli-cans? Pelican'ts!

    I just find it a hilarious name for a hilarious bird, but then again,
    New Orleans is not an ordinary place.

    the logo is pretty cool, kinda looks like a Unibrow!

    someone else had a design contest for the Pelicans logo, and although none of these are official logos, some are quite rad:
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    maybe KO should have a NY Knicks logo contest?

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    I'm just upset because too many teams in the NBA use navy blue or a dark blue.

    They should of kept the teal or just went with purple or gold as the primary....anything but dark blue. It's been over done.

    the team name, it's relevant to the state, so it beats the Lakers, Jazz, and any team in the NBA that has an irrelevant team name.

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    They must really like the Cavs look and feel

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