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Thread: [Article] McDyess wants Allan to take it slow

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    Default [Article] McDyess wants Allan to take it slow

    Antonio McDyess hopes that Allan Houston isn't making the same mistake McDyess made last season when he returned prematurely from knee surgery.
    "If I see Al, I would tell him that's a bad decision to make," McDyess told Detroit reporters yesterday. "But I am pretty sure he knows. He's a smart guy. If he wasn't ready, he wouldn't come back. If they are pushing him to come back, that's not something you should be part of."

    McDyess will be back at the Garden tonight for the first time since he was traded 11 months ago in the Stephon Marbury deal. McDyess, who signed with Detroit during the offseason, might not play tonight because of a slight tear in his left calf. The injury has kept him out of five straight games.

    McDyess spent 11/2 injury-filled seasons in New York, appearing in only 18 of a possible 117 games after having two left knee surgeries. He made his Knicks debut on Dec. 1, 2003 but clearly wasn't 100%.

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    I hate to say it but he may be right. Although Allan did take a long time but only time will tell if this was too early......

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