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Thread: 2013 Playoffs - Round 2 Game 4 / Knicks @ Pacers - 05/14 7:00 pm

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    Game Thread 2013 Playoffs - Round 2 Game 4 / Knicks @ Pacers - 05/14 7:00 pm

    Hello and welcome to the 2013 NBA Playoffs Game 4 between our New York Knicks and the Indiana Pacers

    The New York Knicks lost game 3 in Indy and are now in a dangerous situation. Here's a preview from ESPN of what can we expect tonight

    There's not much to say about this game, the Pacers are a tough nut to crack. Hibbert has been doing disappointingly well against Chandler throughout the whole series. JR appears to be in an early vacation and Melo while scores, still struggles and forces a lot of jump shots. Game 4 must have a different approach. Less isolations for Melo and JR, more ball movement, more playtime for Pablo and Cope. Also, Camby deserves some playtime, at 39 he can rebound better than Chandler, this guy needs to get in the paint! A loss tonight will pretty much compromise the series, there's no way New York can get 3 straight wins against these guys. This said, I still believe the Knicks are the better team and they should be able to even the series before returning to MSG!

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    Other facts that happened on this day:
    In 2000, the Knicks tied the series 2-2 with the Miami Heat after a 91-83 win at MSG. Charlie Ward scored 20 pts including New York's last 9.

    Starting lineups

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