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Thread: [Article] Walker May Grow In Garden

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    Default [Article] Walker May Grow In Garden

    The Knicks will keep an eye on what the Hawks do with Antoine Walker, who attracted Isiah Thomas' interest last July.

    The Hawks reportedly are willing to deal him. Walker will be a free agent this summer if he doesn't get a contract extension, and reportedly Boston and Philly were close to making offers.

    Walker told The Post in November he thought the Knicks had parameters of a deal worked out with Dallas last July, but owner Mark Cuban pulled out when he lost Steve Nash to free agency.

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    no more eratic shooters
    we already are a sketchy shooting team as it is... we picked up crawford which adds more sketchyness and if we take walker that is too much adrenaline, ugly, bad, gross shots for one team to handle

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    based on the Atlanta game, we all saw Walker, even if he is on a horrible team, we don't need any of that. Crawford is bad enough as it is. We can deal with Crawford, maybe even fix him, Walker has been like he is and i doubt he can be fixed in the Knicks, he won't fit, we need some defense as it is.

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