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Thread: 2013/11/13 New York Knicks @ Atlanta Hawks 8:00 PM

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    Game Thread 2013/11/13 New York Knicks @ Atlanta Hawks 8:00 PM

    4-3 2-4

    With Tyson Chandler out, the Knicks suffered a cold loss at the Garden against one of the yearly contenders, the San Antonio Spurs. A game that started bad and ended even worse.

    Andrea Bargnani had a better home game but still, he faded compared to his spark in Charlotte.

    JR Smith’s return following the five game suspension was terrible. Going 1-9 from the field and 1-5 from the three point line he barely made 5 points and almost as many turnovers. Clearly the Spurs were too much of a challenge for him so expect to have a better performance tonight. No clubbing around!

    Amar’e Stoudemire is miles away from where we expect him to be so maybe some of his minutes can go to Kenyon Martin, sidelined for the San Antonio game.

    Carmelo Anthony must find a way to put the Knicks back on +.500, so far he has been the top Knick this season start and with Pablo at the point in the absence of Tyson the question is will the Knicks find the strength to steal another one on the road?
    Play the classic blue uniforms and we might just stand a chance!
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