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    Originally Posted by skisloper
    Metro did you hear what Melo said he wants to experience Free Agency........does that sound like a player who is looking to take a pay cut ?
    Remember The only person so far who is faulting him if he does not take a pay cut is you. You used the word selfish. The NBA i a business and Melo has the right to make as much money as he wants.

    Of course the larger Melo's contract the less space the Knicks would have to build around Melo.....

    so what we can expect in 2015 plus is you praising Melo and 1/2 the board disgusted with Melo.....
    The only difference is that You will have to then come to terms that Melo was more interested in the money then solidifying himself as a Champion.
    Actually there is no difference we've been at such crossroads before

    Did Melo take a paycut the first time around when he could have had a more stacked team? Nope! He let Denver use New Jersey so he was assured he'd get his money before the new CBA kicked in.

    Why would he now since he's at the Pinncale and last Major Deal of his career?
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