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Thread: Melo Willing to take Pay Cut for Knicks

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    Originally Posted by TheScowl
    What he wrote was no skills for playing PG, point fwd and PF. No one doubts his skills as a scorer.

    I'd say has some PF skills (solid reb.). His assist totals bring his point skills into question.
    Thanx! some members act as if comprehensive reading are not fundamental

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    Knicks Fans need to really wonder why the media keep favoring carmelo anthony staying a Knick throughout the previous season to the end of June, when indirectly carmelo anthony announce leaving the Knicks before the start of the previous season???

    Was carmelo the best player on the Knicks roster? or was carmelo the top scorer on the Knicks roster?
    Recall the Knicks won 16 games out of the final 21 games when Phil Jackson came on board.
    No Phil no 16 wins in a 37 win season.

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