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Thread: Knicks vs Bulls - Sunday Matinee 3/2/14 - Late Emergency Game Thread

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    For those that missed the game .... some Rant notes

    This game was over midway through the first quarter. The Bulls jumped all over the Knicks 16-1 to start the first quarter, and outscored them 37-16. The Knicks kept fighting back, because the Bulls will go through lapses and let teams stay in games. Once the lead shrunk, the Bulls would clamp down on defense and push it back out of reach. The game was never in danger for the Bulls.

    Effort, heart, hustle and energy are qualities that teams need in order to be successful in professional sports. The Chicago Bulls have all those attributes, and they were on full display against the lowly New York Knicks. The Bulls jumped out very quickly on the Knicks in the first quarter and never looked back, as the Bulls beat down the Knicks at the United Center, 109-90.

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    Originally Posted by Kiyaman
    I think u got to shine Woody's shoes to get playingtime
    Solely from a basketball standpoint, I don't understand. Seriously, he should play the guys who produce and want to play and who are hungry. Hardaway Jr and Murry should play more, Hell they should start.

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    Originally Posted by REALHEAT
    Solely from a basketball standpoint, I don't understand. Seriously, he should play the guys who produce and want to play and who are hungry. Hardaway Jr and Murry should play more, Hell they should start.
    do keep in mind we have the chucker n the Pillsbury dough boy (jr & felton) for the next 2 seasons.. unless they feel they wanta opt out for a better deal (ha-ha... now that's a funny), pecker-head (woodson) prob wants to keep em happy... or upper management (mills) has told pecker-head to play em to enhance the trade value... (even a bigger funny)...

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    Yep game was over before it started. I turned it on and six minutes into the game we were already down by 15. The only reason I kept the game on is the rest of my family are Bulls fans. Looks like this team has mailed it in. Shame. Melo talked about Knicks Pride in the post game, which this team has none. Now they are talking about shutting STAT down to "rest" him. So what's he been doing all season???? Averaging 10 points and 4 boards for a max player barely playing on half of the games. The Knicks problems start there. And then you look ZERO production from our backcourt. DJ Augustine was available and we made no play for him. Why I don't know but he torched us for 23 yesterday joining a long line of guards have career games against are backcourt. So we missed on Augustine twice. Once in the draft(gallinari) and again this year. Our front office FAILED us this season

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    [QUOTE=Our front office FAILED us this season[/QUOTE]
    You mean that front office where they fired the GM at the beginning of the season and brought in a guy whose major achievement was hiring a guy named Isiah Thomas and who has zero experience as an operations GM making trades, evaluating talent and negotiating salaries. And they expect to convince Melo that they have a plan to make the Knicks competitive when they can't even hire a GM.

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