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Thread: [Article] Jackson Would Listen To Isiah

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    yeah stockton and malone were good, but sloan was a great coach to bring discipline and a nice system in which they were able to excel. you can definetely say that he got the most out of stockton and malone that any coach could have gotten. and many other coaches may not have been able to do as much with stockton and malone. stockton actually was not a great athlete, not a great shooter, really not a great anything. maybe im exagerating a little bit, but in this day in age, he may never even had a chance to run a team because coaches would say he lacks athletic ability. if he was comming out of college now, he might be drafted in the 2nd round, behind kids who can jump higher or run faster, even though they might not necessarily be better basketball players. basically, im just saying that a coach isnt "great" because he wins a lot of championships. hes "great" because he does the most with what he has. phil jackson has had a lot to work with, and thats why he has been able to win so much. hes overrated, and i wouldnt give a flying hoot if we didnt get him. in fact, i wouldnt want him.

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    but all u can base that on is fact right? he was given a superstar team everywhere he went...correct....he does have an incredible winning %....correct... he has 9 championship rings...correct....all that is fact, but we have to atleast think he may be doing something right. even if handed superstar players they need his directions in some ways...u dont know if hes overrated until hes given the chance to do something with a group of not superstar players. like the situation with the knicks that he mite be willing to take the saying goes "Dont knock it, until you try it"

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    I with Red Auerbach, Larry Brown, and Jeff Van Gundy. These guys all say Phil has "no guts". He always sticks to teams where no real coaching has to be done. If we look at him his record without a "Superstar" he quite an average coach. The bull with him at the helm missed the playoffs when Jordan left. I think Phil should try to take on a project, and shpw us he can really coach. I personally think he won't.

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