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Thread: Isiah to LA Lakers?

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    Default Isiah to LA Lakers?

    Isiah Thomas could emerge as a long-shot candidate to replace Rudy Tomjanovich as coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.
    Thomas, the Knicks president, has maintained for months that he will coach again one day and that he has no intentions of coaching the Knicks. Assuming Kobe Bryant has a say in who his next coach will be, the idea of Thomas landing in Hollywood is not far-fetched.

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    i dunno why rudy tomjanavich resigned. the lakers are playing at about the level most people expected them to. i dont think the laker front office was getting disgruntled with rudy because of his subpar performance. he must have understood that it would be years befoer the lakers would become a dominant team BEFORE he took the job...

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    according to the reports, its due to health issues. he said it in the press conference but then again you cant trust everything everyone says. speculation is because hes sick...of their play. they are what? 5 games over 500 hundred. not bad at all. there not gonna be that dominate team like before (like you said) they are a solid team so i dont get it....

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