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Thread: getting too happy

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    Default getting too happy

    i know we are all glad that the knicks are on a roll but i remember during the season we would win 2 get great reviews in da papers and then forget to play. im happy we winning now and seem to have a decent shot at the playoffs,hell even tim thomas is playing like he should have been all year. i just dont wanna get to happy and lose one then win three and lose one lets win them all

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    i think that if we keep on winning 3 games and lose one it will be just fine, i could handle that

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    24-33. means we need a 18-7 record for the rest of the season. to get 500. unless the 76ers, Celtics or Pacers drop dramatically we have no real great of a chance. we need the rest of the teams to play .500 ball or worse and then we have a great chance.

    Only 13 are away games which is good (12 home). More than half the games we play are against over 500 teams (14 of the 25 to be exact)
    Orlando, Washington, Seattle (2), Miami (2), San Antonio, Boston, L.A. Lakers, Indiana (2), Chicago (2), Washington, Golden State (2), Atlanta (2), Portland, New Jersey (2), Milwaukee, Toronto, Cleveland, Charlotte

    pretty balanced schedule ahead...lets see what the team makes of it

    by the way Rady, the NBA has def. re-did their site nicely. didnt go to the site until you said something

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