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Thread: GAME 82 is a WIN!!

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    Default GAME 82 is a WIN!!

    What a game. It was a playoff atmosphere, thanks to the crowd and the heroics by Jamal Crawford. This game was meaningless statistically but to Knicks fans and player it meant a lot. They were not booed off the court. They were cheered. No games in the Garden till November but this was a game to feel good about.

    Sure we went 17-36 since the New Year's. But hey when the Knicks win it is is always something to enjoy.

    This off-season will be under a microscope. From Isiah's moves, to the education an Jamal Crawford, and to the changing of Marbury's game.

    Till next year New York Knickerbockers, till next year.

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    This was a fun game to watch as the Knicks crept back into it. I also tried to savor this game because as we all know, it's the last Knicks game we'll see for a while. Crawford was brilliant.

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    this was a great note to end the season on.. now the wait begins... first the draft, and then next season, im very exited, next seasn is going to be a blast!

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