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Thread: The Anatomy of a Marbury Trade

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    Default The Anatomy of a Marbury Trade

    Stephon Marbury has been traded four times in his career:

    June 26, 1996:
    Minnesota Timberwolves get: draft rights to Stephon Marbury
    Milwaukee Bucks get: draft rights to Ray Allen and 1st round pick

    March 11, 1999 (three-way):
    New Jersey Nets get: Stephon Marbury, Chris Carr, Bill Curley
    Milwaukee Bucks get: Sam Cassell, Chris Gatling, Paul Grant
    Minnesota Timberwolves get: Terrell Brandon, 1st round pick, Brian Evans

    July 18, 2001:
    Phoenix Suns get: Stephon Marbury, Johnny Newman, Soumaila Samake
    New Jersey Nets get: Jason Kidd, Chris Dudley.

    January 5, 2004:
    New York Knicks get: Stephon Marbury, Anfernee Hardaway, Cezary Trybanski
    Phoenix Suns get: Howard Eisley, Charlie Ward, Antonio McDyess, Maciej Lampe, draft rights to Milos Vujanic, two 1st round draft picks (one has turned out to be Kirk Snyder).

    True, he's been traded a lot. But a lot of big names and blockbusters have been involved with Marbury. I don't see Isiah trading him unless he can get a similar deal. I'm not sure if we can read too much into the fact that he's been traded so many times, because of all the big names that teams had to give up to get him (Ray Allen, Jason Kidd, Cassell...) Any thoughts?

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    stephon is a good player. before he came to ny the knicks were nothing. he put the fire in the knicks. after isiah got stephon, isiah started getting every good player in the nba. thats why the knicks is where they are now.

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    without marbury the knicks would have been 1 of the worst teams in the nba last year. With the right supporting cast marbury canprove that he's 1 of the top 3 pg's in the league.

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