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Thread: Jerome Williams to retire today

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    Default Jerome Williams to retire today


    Jerome Williams is expected to announce his retirement today. Williams will meet this morning with Knicks president Isiah Thomas, who will offer him a job as part-time scout, part-time community relations executive and part-time broadcaster for MSG Network.
    Williams, waived under the amnesty clause that saved the Knicks $21 million in luxury tax, has told confidants he doesn't want to pick up and move again to a new city, unless he gets a whopping offer.

    The $21 million left on Williams' contract is all guaranteed. The "Junkyard Dog," a fan favorite because of his dogged play, has health issues, including a tendon tear in his foot he played through late last season and knee problems, both of which could require surgery.
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    i love sucks that he only played for us for 1 year....i would of loved to have him for another year or 2....but its better he calls it quits then to permantly injure himself.......thanks jyd for the hustle and heart u put into this team...

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