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Thread: What are Isiah Thomas's worst moves?

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    Default What are Isiah Thomas's worst moves?

    If anyone read the papers, looks like Tim Thomas is trying to sneak his way back into the garden. Lets hope this stiff doesn't get an offer from Isiah to put on a Knicks jersey this season. But while I'm slacking off from writing a term paper, and fuming over last night's incineration, I'm curious if anyone agrees w/ me that the following is some of Zeke's worst moves.

    *Trading Tim Thomas for Van Horn
    * Signing Jerome James for so much, and for 4 years!
    *I hate to say it, but Crawford is over paid for his amount of production
    * Signing Lenny Wilkens insated of Fratelo (nobody would have known Larry Brown would be available, so he doesnt get credit for this move)

    I guess thats not that bad compared to Layden's moves. Maybe everyone should lay off Thomas for a while until after the trading deadline.. God knows that he is got alot of work to do b4 the season goes any further down the toilet

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    how about trading mohammed for rose?

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    no at first when the Malik Rose trade occured I was furious BUT after getting David Lee practically as part of the deal I was fine with it...

    And Id like Tim Thomas back, Im a believer in his ability as you all know and I think if we can get him for say Penny were only benefiting..

    Jerome James I suppose but at the time it seemed right, I think well be able to trade him though perhaps to Atlanta...

    my answer is waiving Shandon Anderson whos contract stays on the books for 2-3 more years...i would of pursued a trade first before anything..then again im sure he did..

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    trading for mo taylor. norris couldve been a bit helpful right now and baker would be at his contract year

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