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Thread: Happy New Years KnicksOnline

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    Default Happy New Years KnicksOnline

    Last year at this time the Knicks were on top the atlantic division with everything going great. Everyone was connecting and we were playing good. Then since last New Years... it's been downhill. This year the Knicks are on the bottom of the atlantic division..with not too much chemistry and everyone not playing up to their potential. Lets hope this new years is a mirror image of last..I mean a fan can always hope right??

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    You know, i was thinking the same, it's the exact opposite situation than the one we had last year. Back then we were top of the atlantic and after the new year, we felt to bottom after just 10 games or so.
    Now we're last, we can't be lower than this. I still hope good things will happen

    Happy new year all!

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