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Thread: What has Larry Johnson been up to??

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    Default What has Larry Johnson been up to??

    I read an article on espn about something taboo in sports coverage: Keeping up to date on players that are not as great as Hall of Famers and other charismatic figures. Some of the stories I hear are kind of sad actually. There are a few former NBA players that have lived as fishermen and even driving cabs! I heard Kendal Gill has gotten into boxing. A few have joined other basketball leagues hoping for a chance at a comeback (Tim Hardaway and Glen Rice I was told). But I'm really curious about what these few guys have been up to. Has anyone out there heard anything about these guys?

    Anthony Mason (we sooo miss your game)
    Larry Johnson (i think his #2 should be retired)
    Chris Childs (always loved him)
    Don Chaney (Nobody misses this bum, but I wonder what he has done w/ his life)
    Derik Harper
    Harold Miner (Baby Jordan)
    Derik Coleman
    Rik Smits (Bitched Ewing all the time)
    Rod Strickland (Truman Highschool product)
    Muhmad Aboul-Rauf (great player, but will be remember for national anthem crisis)

    All those names got me nostalgic
    I almost put Penny Hardaway and Quentin Richardson, but legend has it that on a full moon night, there corpses can still be seen rotting away on the Knicks bench.

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    About Larry Johnson i know he went to live somewhere in Texas after he retired, not much on the papers about him after that. I heard breaking up with the knicks was really tough for him..

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