The worst thing the Knicks did in recent years was let Lenny Wilkens go. He was the perfect coach for Marbury. He saw Stephon's potential and let him play to the best of his own ability, in any way shape and form. He was not strict, but emulated respect in every positive sense of the word.

I remember watching this particular Knick game like it was yesterday. It was during the Knicks' first season with Marbury. Marbury drove to the hoop two straigh times, scoring both times. The very next time down Marbury hit a mid range jumpshot. Six points in less than 30 seconds. Then, when the opponent (i forget who) attempted to quiet the cheering fans in the Garden by driving the ball, Stephon stole it. He quickly dribbled it up the floor. However, he was the only Knick on the break, and there were two or three opponents in front of him. Instead of foolishly attempting a lay up, Marbury simply pulled up from at least seven feet behind the three point line and drained it. The crowd went wild and the other team was forced to call a time-out. Marbury's teammates on the bench mobbed him as he made his way to the huddle and Wilkens was estatic. The Knicks went from a top lottery pick top a playoff team in a matter of weeks that season, a feat that would hve never happened w/out Stephon.

Unfortunately, the Knicks didn't do so well the next season, and Wilkens resigned. Brown was hired. If this was Larry Brown's first coaching job this year, i bet he would never be a head coach again. He was a spineless d***bag, publicly humiliating his teammates through the media. He didnt have the cajones to approach people like Nate Robinson, Marbury, Trevor Ariza, or Eddy Curry until it was too late. If he talked to them instead of the Post and Daily News about their mistakes, maybe the team wouldn't have rightfully mutinied. I hope to God Brown leaves, and Herb Williams takes his place. I also think Van Gundy's days in Houston are numbered.

The point i'm trying to make is, look at what Marbury has gone through this injury-plagued season. For the first 3/4 of the season he quietly stated he wanted to be here and to do whatever it took to succeed, while the whole time Brown was belittling him in the newspapers like a scene out of ``Mean Girls``. Now NY is calling for STEPHON'S head???

Why did we let Lenny Wilkens go? As long as the Garden remains playoff-less, i will not stop asking that question.