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Thread: [NY Post] Larry Gets 1 More Snub

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    • In another slight to Larry Brown during the Orlando pre-draft camp, Knick President Isiah Thomas held a secret workout on Wednesday for four players, including Fairleigh Dickinson's 6-foot-9 forward Gordon Klaiber, and did not invite his lame-duck head coach, according to two sources. Thomas, Knick Director of Player Personnel Brendan Suhr and European scout Kevin Wilson watched the workout at a remote Orlando gym 30 minutes from the pre-draft camp on the Disney grounds.
      Ex-Knick Gerald Wilkens ran the workout, and a source said Klaiber emerged as the greatest revelation in an otherwise drab four-day Orlando camp that ended yesterday with Brown already in the Hamptons.

      Knick brass was astounded Klaiber hadn't been invited to the actual camp. The Knicks were intrigued enough to invite Klaiber for another workout in Westchester in 10 days. Brown has run all the Westchester workouts, but it's uncertain if he'll still be coach by then.

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    It's wrong for an organization to do that but I'm not going to say that Brown doesn't deserve it. What goes around comes around and he's feeling the pain.

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