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Thread: Brown not allowed to talk to the media..

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    Default Brown not allowed to talk to the media..

    .. unless he is accompanied by a PR guy. Guess no more road side interviews..

    • A group of reporters yesterday manned what has become their usual post on a property adjacent to the Knicks' training facility to wait for Brown to drive by after working out four more draft prospects. But for the first time in three weeks, a security guard from the Knicks' neighboring business asked reporters to step off the grass and into the public roadway.

      When a black SUV with Brown in the passenger seat pulled up, the coach leaned out the window, waved to reporters and said, "Can't talk, can't talk. I'm sorry."

      Later yesterday afternoon, Brown's Woodmere-based agent, Joe Glass, called reporters to apologize on Brown's behalf for the lack of communication. "Larry doesn't mean to be impolite or disrespectful," Glass said. "But everybody is under instructions not to have contact with the media without a public relations person present. He's sorry."

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    Having to be accompanied by a PR guy is never good news. Its the same thing as being prosecuted for a complex murder and not being able say a word with out a lawyer's approval!

    Damn Dolan, get this over with, the world knows whats coming next.

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