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Thread: Knicks waive 3; sign Kelvin Cato

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    Default Knicks waive 4; sign Kelvin Cato

    The Knicks have waived three (Tskitishvili, Clark, Brown & Miller) and surprisingly signed a backup Center in Kelvin Cato to a league minimum salary.

    Cato is a veteran who averages 6 and 5 in the league and has started in Houston and Orlando. It's a clear shot for him to be our backup Center and I personally think this is a good move.

    You cant trust James right now with his injury and then again at all with his play. Our rotation up top just got a boost.

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    I think this was a good pickup by Isiah too.
    However, i think he real value will come during practices when he goes up against Curry and teaches him to play hard and rough....Eddy is too soft and mild mannered - if Cato's rugged attitude can rub off on Curry - well we'll have one helluva beast in the middle....

    i think that will light a flame under jerome james as well to stop screwing around and try to help this team win games

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    I like the pickup and YES Curry needs to come out and be a beast, leave that soft stuff at home.

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    This is a good signing, but he didnt have to get rid of all those three guys.

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