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Thread: Marbury to make the Allstar Game again?

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    Question Mark Marbury to make the Allstar Game again?

    Behind a promotional campaign by Steve and Barry's, Stephon Marbury has surged to fifth place among Eastern Conference guards in the All-Star balloting, 100,000 votes ahead of Chauncey Billups. Eddy Curry is a distant ninth among centers.
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    That would be sweet.. however.. i don't think will make it in spite of the good voting

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    it would be something if steph made the team, but i agree with you that he probably won't. he's definitely stepped up his game and seems to have found his comfort zone with the team. hopefully it'll continue and good things will come.

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    Over the last 11 games.

    Marbuy has averaged over 20 points and 7 assist. I like Marbury as a person alot, I wouldn't mind keeping him as the PG of this team if we get rid of Francis, Crawford or Nate.

    He also has played good defense, keeping Ray Allen to 11 points.

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