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Thread: What's the deal with Isiah and Frye?

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    Default What's the deal with Isiah and Frye?

    Everytime he starts off good Frye never see daylight again.

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    What do you mean?

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    It's unfortunate but Frye is going to be the odd man out. He's too good to bench completely. So you have to give him some play. He's not as dominant as E.C. in the post and not as experienced. He's not a monster rebounder like Lee and he requires the ball to be effective. I.T. runs and inside outside game and Frye has a mid-range game. So the only thing that he brings to the NYK right now is his size and his ability to hit a fifteen footer if available. His minutes is are going to be dependent upon the match-ups. He's not really an integral part of Isaiah's offensive scheme.

    In my estimation the only reason Frye has not been traded is because D. Lee can't hit that fifteen footer consistently enough, which will change by the end of the season.

    That being said I predict that he will be dealt over the summer. Isaiah has admitted that some of Frye's lacking development is his fault. They don't run plays for him. But you've got to figure that fans want to see E.C. developed more than Frye. If Frye keeps his nose to the grind like Lee did last year then he'll develop into a great PF. However not with the NYK.

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    as much as i like frye, his role on the knicks is to act as a valuable trading chip. there is no way this kid will be here for long.

    the truth is, frye is soft. most ny fans remember charles oakley and anthony mason patrolling the boards and playing physical...those guys didn't take bs from anyone. while frye is a good shooter, he is too passive to play in ny.

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