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Thread: all those rumured trades are for small forwards, shooting quards which we dont need.

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    Default all those rumured trades are for small forwards, shooting quards which we dont need.

    These trades are for good players, i mean Artest - good and Shard Lewis - Allstar. But for these aging players, we are giving up a 2 young players, i think we can develop into great players. Knicks are a good team, young team, and i think we have set up a good rotation.

    The question i put to I.T is whether he can trade the immovables

    Jerome James, Steve Francis, and now Jared Jeffries. Im also going to put in Jamal Crawford and Q. As J.C shoots less than 40%, and Q has injury concerns.

    If we can trade these players for a low contract/draft pick/back up point guard/back up centre, we could be set.

    This is just a really simple team i think Isiah could put together if he thought that way.

    Stephon Marbury/Nate/Draft Pick
    Q Rich/Mo Pete/Mardy Collins
    Balkman/Mo Pete/Jeffries
    Frye/Lee (playing 30 plus at SF and PF)
    Curry/Steve Hunter/Draft Pick

    Tell me what you think

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    Why even do these trade dreams. They will not happen. I.T. said he will not trade. Its funny though that he did not mention any buyouts. L.O.L.

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    Isiah has the tendency to trade players for players that we don't need or dont contribute to the team

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