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Thread: Knicks Playoff Chances

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    What do you think our chances are of making it to the playoffs this season? We had the chances of pulling to the seventh spot but we lost against the blazers. We had so many games this season that were given games and we lost them. Since we have a hard schedule I see a little chance of us making it, But we are only 1 1/2 game/s back from the 7th & 8th spot.

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    Knicks aren't making the playoffs this season. Only way we make the playoffs is if Curry steps up on both ends of the floor, Knicks play more consistent on offense and if they play hard er nite and i don't see that happening.

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    I saw on NBA Daily today that the Knicks are 2 games behing the 8th spot. They have been 1-6 or 7 ever since James Dolan extended Isiah's contract. If they really want that spot, they really need to work hard.

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