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Thread: Randolph, Jones & Dickau now Knicks!

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    Default Randolph, Jones & Dickau now Knicks!

    On draft day a trade was completed that will send Zach Randolph, Fred Jones and Dan Dickau of the Portland TrailBlazers to the New York Knicks for Channing Frye and Steve Francis.

    I personally think this is a good trade for us. It gives us two quality players and an emerging star. Say what you will about Randolphs attitude he is a beast and along side Eddy Curry we will have one of the most dominant front courts in basketball.

    I like Channing, hes a good kid but hes not (at this point) what we need playing along side Curry. And Zachs attitude is something id take any day over Steve Francis' and large contract and "injuries".

    Our roster now looks as so...
    C Eddy Curry/Randolph Morris/Jerome James
    PF Zach Randolph/David Lee/Malik Rose
    SF Jared Jeffries/Renaldo Balkman/Wilson Chandler
    SG Jamal Crawford/Quentin Richardson/Fred Jones
    PG Stephon Marbury/Mardy Collins/Nate Robinson/Dan Dickau

    16 players with the possiblity of 17 with Cato.
    Look for more moves to happen soon. Isiah is avidly shopping Jared Jeffries at this point as well.

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    and now add Syracuse star Demitris Nichols to the last of new Knicks. Portland will also send him over in return for a NY 2nd round pick in 2008.

    another good move in my eyes. (remind you im not an Isiah ass kisser).
    Demitris is a SU star which will get over well with NY fans.
    Also he is a small forward with entertainment talent. This makes our SF position very deep and will allow us to explore trades in the near future may they include Jeffries or Balkman.

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    The best aspect on this move is getting rid of Stevie Franchise.
    I'm not so convinced about Randolph's qualities, but he's a good scorer and rebounder if he's motivated.
    I still can see Jeffries, Crawford and Nate leaving town asap, hopefully for an outside shooter with defensiv qualities

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    super!!! francis don't here now. Randolph is can't superstar but he is a star. Thanks isiah.

    new starting 5

    it's enough

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    There has to be more... so I am holding off full judgement until I see what happens next. But Zach Randolph is not the answer. He is Curry and Curry is him. They are two in the same. he verages 2 more rebounds a game, 0.2 blocks a game, plays the post. NO! there has to be another move in the works... HAS TO BE. All you haters in this forum who ****ted on Channing Frye after 1 bad year, will see what we missed out on. NY Fans are too damn fickle along with the management. I understand this is a what have you done for me lately kind of a league, but one good year, plus one bad year, = get the **** out of here? Thats not reasonable, so i guess it seems Channing brought it on himself by having too good of a rookie year

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    So far I think I.T. is keeping it cool this summer! Lets see some more trades he does. The Knicks are made up almost of all All-Star potinal players! L.O.L. We better win! Channing Frye was good but giess what, Zach is BETTER! Did everyone see David Lee's face when he her the trade while watching the draft? L.O.L.

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